ABOUT INTRADE LINK Our Human Resources are our Most Valuable Assets

Who We Are

Intrade Link is an American based company, established in Florida with operations in the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Andean Region.  It was founded by Mauricio Camacho, who has over 20 years of experience in International Trading. Our operation is supported by a very well established network of operational partners in other territories as well, in addition to a team of specialists in the areas of International Trade, Logistics, Shopper Marketing, Product Certification, and Consulting.

What we do

Our operation is divided into four operational units: B2B, Glocalization, Consulting and Product Certification.  We specialize in identifying unique products, that are capable of generating a very strong impact in shelves of the most recognized retail stores.  On the other hand, we also research the markets in which such products can be effectively offered, to guarantee a successful cycle to the manufacturers and the retailers, while always surprising consumers. We offer personalized and team consulting and also product certifications, as an added value of our capabilities.

Why are we different

Our model is contemporary, meaning we are always innovating ourselves in order to offer the latest trends and the most effective tools.  Our operation is based on permanent collaboration, which allows us to build a very strong and reliable network of specialists, a vast portfolio of clients, and innumerable manufacturers. Last but not least, we work in a timely manner in order deliver great products faster.  Our most valuable characteristic is that we reduce the distance between the manufacturers and the retailers, eliminating practically the figure of a broker, which elevates costs, and instead of acting as a facilitator so the operation becomes successful for all parties involved.


Step, Breath & Feel. That is the ideal trilogy of the soul of all humans

Stop; to make a stop along the way

Breathe; to think deeply

Feel: to touch and see tangible things

INTRADE LINK works with this north focused on ALWAYS SURPRISING


Anticipating in order to impact.


To be recognized as the most reliable Glocalization Platform in the Andean Region and Central America, based on our ideal of surprising constantly by means of permanent innovation.

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