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We are connectors, always seeking to surprise with unique products, capable of generating interesting margins, and at the same time provide consumers with a unique experience.
We are currently coded in the most important retail stores of Colombia (Where we have our LATAM Hub), the Andean Region and Central America.
Our knowledge of each of the specific markets, allow us to screen products that will generate a real impact, benefiting both the manufacturer as well as the retail stores.  This means that we are not in the business of “Selling Items”, instead our specialty is precisely to scout for real opportunities that can be capitalized by all the parties involved, that is precisely our added value to the equation.


Think global act local, that has been the credo for international trading success over the past 20 years.  Every product is capable to react differently in each market where it is sold, so when we identify an opportunity for a product, we are not only thinking about the product itself, we are also thinking about the characteristics of the specific market where it will be sold.  Our due diligence includes a bi-lateral research that includes the characteristics of the product (quality, prices, quantities, purpose, and delivery) and the market itself.
We have an interdisciplinary team of experts in shopper marketing who understand, segment and identify  consumers in each of the regions of Latin America and the US. The main goal is to turn consumers into buyers, by awakening their sense of belongingness to a specific retail store, because they identify themselves with the products offered in it.  The last step is to adapt the product, and everything around it (Presentation, packaging, and look) to each market to guarantee sales, which in the end is what really matters.


Our Consulting Business Unit is designed to advise both retail stores, manufacturers, brokers, carriers, business developers, and even product developers on all the most important aspects of international trade.  We have developed a program capable of identifying the specific needs and built upon them an execution plan.
From one on one consulting to customized workshop sessions for teams and groups, Intrade identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to design an effective execution plan.
Our vast experience in trading is based on the background of our team, led by Mauricio Camacho, that with over 20 years of experience both as a Retailer, a Manufacturer, a Broker and now as an Advisor, understands the different approaches needed to succeed.
Last but not least, our program will also update your company in the most relevant and practical programs, software, and tools used to manage, control, sell and keep up with International Trading.


One of Intrade’s most valuable assets is our experience and tools to certify the products in each of the countries where we operate.  We have a well-rounded know-how on how to process and file all the required certifications in each of the territories where we operate.  This allows both the retail stores and the manufacturers to rely on us, and open the doors for such product to be legally sold with all the required permits and certifications.
We have processed innumerable certifications for products in over half a dozen countries, with great speed but most importantly following the standard procedures in each country.


Our headquarter in Asia is Based in VIETNAM, one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia region where we can search and identify unique products that fulfill, meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We focus in the search of products for the retail industry as well as for manufacturing companies that need to be sourced with raw materials or finished products from ASIA.

International trade mutates on a daily basis and it depends on innovation to guarantee its existence.

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